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There are a variety of complex disputes related to technology, privacy, and cybersecurity that can affect businesses, individuals, or other parties. Due to the constantly-changing nature of technology and the marketplace, determining how to resolve these disputes is not always easy. Multiple types of laws may affect the parties in these disputes, and issues such as financial losses and the disclosure of sensitive data may need to be addressed. While litigation may be an option in some situations, it can be very expensive, and cases may drag on for several months or multiple years. To reach a resolution more quickly while protecting the rights of all parties, mediation is often a better option.

At Privacy & Technology Mediation Services, we work to help parties resolve disputes involving privacy and technology that affect businesses, consumers, and other parties. We understand the complexities of today's digital landscape, and we are well-equipped to help parties navigate these issues and negotiate workable settlements. We are dedicated to providing effective dispute resolution services tailored to each individual case. With our help, parties can avoid costly litigation and reach a satisfactory outcome that is acceptable for all parties involved.

Mediation for Privacy, Technology, Cybersecurity, and Related Matters in New York City, NY

Mediation is an effective method of dispute resolution that will often allow the parties to reach agreements quickly while saving time and money. Our neutral mediator will facilitate negotiations between the parties, allowing them to discuss their differences and find common ground. We can then guide them toward solutions that will meet their needs. We can assist with disputes related to issues such as:

  • Computer software development and licensing - Companies may become involved in disputes with developers who were contracted to create programs and systems, or they may encounter concerns related to licensing agreements or other contracts.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology - While investing in cryptocurrency or using virtual currencies to complete transactions can often provide benefits, disputes may arise regarding the valuation of cryptocurrencies, the transfer of digital assets, or claims of fraud. Other uses of blockchain technologies, such as smart contracts or NFTs, may also lead to disputes, and mediation may be used to find workable solutions.
  • Cybersecurity issues and data breaches - Companies may face allegations of allowing data breaches to occur, or they may be responsible for compensating victims in the event of a cyber-attack that resulted in financial losses or the disclosure of sensitive information. In addition to helping address issues related to data security, mediation can help address concerns related to consumer data protection, data processing by B2B companies, and privacy rights in consumer-to-business services.
  • Cyber insurance coverage - To address the possibility of data breaches and other security concerns, businesses may have insurance policies that allow them to address financial losses and other issues that affect them in these situations. However, businesses and insurance companies may encounter disputes about what types of losses are covered by a policy or other issues related to cyber insurance claims.
  • Intellectual property rights and violations - Multiple types of disputes may arise related to trademark infringement or other violations of intellectual property rights. When a person or business is accused of using intellectual property without permission, or when a business needs to take steps to respond to infringement that has occurred, mediation can be used to help the parties reach a resolution that is satisfactory for all sides.
  • Online terms of service agreements - When disputes between service providers and users arise involving websites, apps, or other online services, they may involve agreements that protect a provider's rights and interests and place certain restrictions and requirements on users. Mediation can help address violations of terms of service or terms of use while protecting the rights of service providers and users.
  • HIPAA compliance and protected health information - Disputes related to the handling of protected health information or compliance with HIPAA regulations may arise if a medical provider or other company is accused of disclosing patient information or failing to follow the correct security and privacy procedures.
  • Artificial intelligence - Content created using AI tools, including articles, blogs, graphics, images, videos, music, or computer code, may lead to disputes involving the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, plagiarism, contract violations, or other complex issues.

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