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Finding the Right Data Breach and Cybersecurity Dispute Mediators

Data breaches are an increasingly common cybersecurity threat that can cause serious financial and reputational damage to individuals, businesses, and other parties. As the scope of data breaches continues to expand, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to have effective dispute resolution mechanisms in place. Mediation offers a unique approach to resolving cybersecurity disputes by allowing parties to reach mutually beneficial agreements without resorting to costly litigation.

Mediation can be a highly effective method of dispute resolution, since it allows the parties to work together to craft creative solutions while minimizing the time and expense needed to address the issues that affect them. At Privacy & Technology Mediation Services, we can assist with a wide variety of matters related to digital technology. We can work with the parties involved in a dispute as they determine how to address financial losses or other issues that have occurred because of data breaches. We also work with the parties as they take steps to make sure other cybersecurity concerns are handled as they work towards an agreement.

Addressing Cybersecurity Issues Through Mediation

Cybersecurity disputes can arise in many different situations. These disputes may address issues such as:

  • Cloud computing - Businesses often use programs and applications that are hosted online. "Software as a service" (SaaS) can provide benefits such as ease of use, fast adoption, and customization, but the security measures used by these products are not always well-understood. If information stored in the cloud is accessed by unauthorized parties, a person or company may experience financial losses or other forms of harm, and they may pursue compensation or other forms of relief from the software provider. Mediation can help the parties resolve these disputes effectively.
  • Use of business and personal equipment by employees - When companies provide computers or other systems for employees to use, they will need to ensure that the proper policies are followed to maintain security. However, when employees work from home or use their personal computers to complete work, this can present security risks, and protected information may be released. If a company has been harmed because employees, contractors, or other parties did not follow the proper security procedures, the parties involved in a case may need to determine how to address these issues, and mediation may be an ideal method for resolving these matters.
  • Proprietary information - A company will often be looking to protect trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property, since the release of this information could result in unfair competition. If an employee or former employee allowed this information to be released, a company may believe that legal action is necessary to address the resulting losses. By using mediation, the parties involved in a dispute may be able to negotiate an acceptable agreement.
  • Data breaches - A company's internal systems may be accessed by hackers, or data may be accidentally made public due to improper security procedures, software errors, or other issues. These situations may involve the release of customer data, which could potentially be used to commit identity theft or other forms of fraud. In these situations, a company may need to respond to legal action by people who have been affected, and it may be required to pay damages to those who have suffered losses. Mediation may allow for these issues to be resolved more quickly and efficiently, and a company and the people who have been affected by a data breach may be able to reach agreements on the amount of compensation that will be paid.

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In cases involving cybersecurity or data breaches, mediation can provide important benefits. By working with a neutral mediator, the parties can determine the best ways to resolve disputes, and they can negotiate agreements that will be acceptable to everyone involved in a case. Privacy & Technology Mediation Services can assist with these types of cases, and with our understanding of the legal issues and other concerns related to cybersecurity and digital technology, we can provide the support of a skilled neutral to help the parties resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. Contact us at 312-767-3900 to set up a free consultation and learn more about our mediation and dispute resolution services.

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