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Legal Mediation Assistance for Consumer Data Protection Disputes

In the era of data-driven consumerism, consumer data protection has become an increasingly important issue. With a plethora of personal information stored in databases and on servers around the world, it is critical that these data are safeguarded against misuse or abuse. Unfortunately, disputes related to consumer data protection are becoming more frequent as companies struggle to protect their customers' sensitive information while also ensuring they remain competitive in today's digital marketplaces.

When disputes arise regarding the collection of consumer data, the release of data to other parties, or other matters involving people's personal information, the parties involved will often seek to determine how to resolve these matters quickly and effectively. Fortunately, alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation can be used to settle disputes without the need for costly court proceedings. Privacy & Technology Mediation Services can assist with these types of cases, helping the parties involved determine the best ways to resolve disagreements and create workable settlements.

Resolving Disputes Related to Consumer Data

Due to the near-constant use of digital technology by most people in the modern era, vast amounts of data are collected and stored. Smartphones may track data related to the locations people visit, the phone calls they make, and the messages they send to others. The apps a person uses or the websites they visit may track and store data about the purchases they make, the items they may consider purchasing, and the information they search for. Cookies, pixels, and IP address tracking may also be a concern.

In many cases, consumers are unaware of the extent of the data about them that may be accessible to multiple parties. They may not realize that the terms of service they agree to when using apps or websites allow their data to be sold or provided to other parties and used for a variety of purposes, such as to provide targeted advertising for products they may be likely to purchase. However, as people have become more aware of the types of data that may be tracked, laws have been passed to help protect people's privacy, and companies have faced increased scrutiny of their data collection practices.

As concerns about consumer data protection have become more prominent, disputes related to these issues have arisen. Companies may need to determine how to resolve disputes involving matters such as:

  • Data privacy laws - To address concerns about the use or misuse of consumer data, some states have passed laws meant to protect privacy. For example, the California Privacy Rights Act requires certain businesses that operate in California to respect the rights of consumers, including the right to know what types of information were collected and how this information was used, as well as the right to opt out of the sale of personal information or limit the disclosure of sensitive information such as government ID numbers, financial accounts, or precise location data. Companies that are accused of violating these laws may need to resolve disputes with consumers, and mediation may be used to reach workable agreements in these cases.
  • Child privacy - Children will often use online apps, games, and other services, and this may create the risk that sensitive information could be released. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires companies to take steps to ensure that the personal information of children under the age of 13 is not collected without the express approval of parents. Providers of websites, apps, educational systems, and other services that are used by children may need to address disputes related to the collection and sharing of children's data, and mediation may be an option for resolving these matters effectively.
  • Financial data - Online transactions, payment apps, and banking services may provide convenience for consumers, but they also present the risk that sensitive financial information may be released or misused. When consumers believe that their financial privacy has been violated, they may pursue compensation from companies that allegedly committed these violations. Mediation can be used in these situations, and the parties may be able to negotiate settlements that will compensate consumers for losses or damages they have experienced.
  • Data breaches - Companies that store consumer data must take steps to keep this information secure. If data is accessed by outside parties or released to the public, remedial action may need to be taken. Mediation can be used to resolve disputes related to the costs of responding to a data breach or compensating consumers who have had their data compromised.

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Disputes related to sensitive personal information, financial data, or other types of consumer data can be complex, and they may involve multiple state and federal laws, as well as other issues that affect companies and consumers. Privacy & Technology Mediation Services can help the parties involved in these disputes determine the best ways to resolve matters effectively. To arrange a free consultation and learn about the services we provide, contact us at 312-767-3900.

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