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In the 21st century, computer software is a critical component of the operations of many businesses. Whether a company is a software developer, licenses the use of software from other parties, or otherwise uses software in its day-to-day operations, disputes can arise when developers, customers, and other stakeholders disagree over the terms of software development agreements, licensing agreements, or other issues. These disputes can be complex and costly to resolve if they are not addressed quickly and efficiently.

Fortunately, mediation provides an effective way for businesses to resolve computer software disputes without resorting to litigation. Mediation gives the parties involved in computer software disputes the opportunity to work together collaboratively toward a mutually acceptable resolution that meets each party's needs and protects their interests. At Privacy & Technology Mediation Services, we provide mediation assistance for those who are involved in software-related disputes, helping the parties work together to reach an agreement that will be suitable for all stakeholders. We work, as neutrals, to help the parties resolve disputes quickly and effectively while minimizing conflict and expense.

Types of Computer Software Disputes

With our understanding of the laws that apply to digital technology and commitment to alternative dispute resolution, we can help the parties carve out a path towards resolving disputes involving issues such as:

  • Contract disputes - When a company contracts with a software developer to build or enhance systems that will allow them to perform essential business functions, there are a variety of disputes that may arise. Delays in the development process may affect a company's ability to move forward with business ventures, or a business may experience losses if software does not function correctly. We can help the parties in these disputes determine how to resolve these issues while abiding by the terms of contracts and protecting the interests of all parties involved.
  • Breach of warranty claims - Software developers may provide warranties, or promises that software will meet industry standards and behave in a certain way. These warranties may be breached if software fails to meet acceptable standards or malfunctions in a way that results in financial losses or other forms of harm. In these situations, mediation may be used to determine how the parties can resolve a breach of warranty.
  • Software licensing agreements - Disputes may arise when the terms of a software license agreement are unclear or have not been adequately enforced, and they may involve disagreements over the use and ownership of computer software. Such disputes must be carefully handled to protect the interests of all parties involved.
  • Trade secret and noncompetition disputes - Businesses that work with computer software are often concerned about the protection of valuable intellectual property. Whether a company is trying to protect its trade secrets or enforce a noncompete agreement, it is important to find the right balance between protecting the business's interests and allowing employees or other parties to pursue business or career opportunities.
  • Cybersecurity breach claims - When data breaches occur, businesses or consumers may experience significant financial losses. If these breaches can be traced back to software that had security issues, the aggrieved parties may seek compensation from the software developer. In these situations, the parties may be able to negotiate workable settlements through mediation.

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At Privacy & Technology Mediation Services, we understand the legal and technical issues involved in disputes related to computer software, and we can provide effective mediation services to help the parties in these disputes resolve their differences. Our goal is to help the parties resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. To schedule a free consultation and learn more about our mediation services, contact us at 312-767-3900. From our office in Chicago, we work with companies throughout the United States to resolve disputes related to software and digital technology.

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