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Disputes related to B2B data privacy and data processing can be complicated and difficult to resolve. Companies may use data for a variety of purposes, and when doing so, they may be accused of misusing information, disclosing data to other parties without authorization, or allowing people's personal information to be released to the general public. With the growing complexity of B2B transactions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to come up with satisfactory solutions that meet their needs as well as those of their partners. Fortunately, mediation provides a viable option for resolving data privacy and processing disputes in an efficient manner.

Mediation offers parties involved in disputes the opportunity to negotiate directly with each other and find mutually agreeable solutions without having to go through costly litigation proceedings. Privacy & Technology Mediation Services works with companies and other parties to address concerns about technology, privacy, cybersecurity, Internet and social media, data breaches, and other issues as they resolve disputes. We help parties negotiate with each other as they attempt to reach agreements, and we work to assist them in finding creative and innovative solutions that will allow matters to be resolved effectively.

Issues That May Be Addressed in B2B Data Processing Disputes

Business-to-business (B2B) transactions and relationships involving large amounts of data are becoming increasingly common in the modern technological landscape. Many businesses collect vast amounts of data about customers or other people, and they may, then, process these data to gain insights about people's behaviors and use this information to provide products or services to other businesses.

Some companies may also sell or share data with others. This may allow data collected from multiple sources to be compiled, combined, or aggregated and used for a variety of purposes. In some cases, data may allow for more accurate targeting of advertising campaigns, or it may predict market trends to help businesses make decisions about investments or areas of opportunity.

However, the amount of personal information that is collected has caused some to raise concerns about privacy and security. Consumer data protection and data breaches are ongoing issues that businesses may need to address, and companies that process or resell data may encounter disputes related to the use of people's information, the release of data that could be used to commit identity theft or fraud, or violations of laws that require companies to protect the privacy rights of consumers.

Other disputes related to data protection and processing may involve issues such as:

  • Whether a business received consent to gather data from consumers or disclose it to other parties.
  • Whether there are sufficient safeguards in place to protect the interests of companies and individuals whose data is being used.
  • Whether data were collected or shared in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The accuracy of information obtained from sources such as third-party websites or public records.
  • Whether individuals have the right to opt out of sharing their data or make requests for corrections if incorrect information is used.
  • Whether the proper security measures were used to prevent the unauthorized access of data by hackers or other parties.
  • Whether data were properly masked or anonymized to prevent the disclosure of information that could be used to identify individuals.
  • The validity or enforceability of data processing contracts.
  • HIPAA compliance when handling protected health information.

Mediation Services for B2B Data Privacy Disputes

Mediation provides a fast and cost-effective way to resolve disputes involving B2B data privacy issues or other matters related to the processing, transmission, or use of data. At Privacy & Technology Mediation Services, we can work with companies and other parties to help them reach agreements that will meet their needs. During mediation, we can help parties discuss the issues at hand, identify areas of agreement and disagreement, come up with potential solutions, work towards compromises, and draft nonbinding mediation agreements. Contact us by calling 312-767-3900 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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