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We provide mediation and dispute resolution services for individuals and businesses throughout the United States.

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With our understanding of modern technology and data protection laws, we can help parties resolve disputes effectively.

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To learn more about our mediation services, we encourage you to consult with us and discuss your options.

Privacy & Technology Mediation Services

Experienced Mediators Addressing Privacy and Technology Disputes

Free Consultations

To learn more about our mediation services, we encourage you to consult with us and discuss your options.

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Bringing Clarity & Knowledge Throughout the Mediation Process

In today's digital world, disputes related to technology and data privacy are increasingly common. As the use of technology becomes more widespread, the legal issues that arise between businesses and consumers become more complex and diverse. Data breaches, intellectual property violations, cybersecurity threats, software licensing issues, and other similar matters can all lead to disputes that may be difficult to resolve. Fortunately, mediation can often provide the best option for addressing these issues and crafting workable agreements or settlements.

With an understanding of data privacy laws and regulations surrounding technology usage, as well as mediation techniques, Privacy & Technology Mediation Services can help parties come to a satisfactory agreement in disputes related to digital technology, online services, consumer data, and other related matters.


Licensed Mediation

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A certified mediator can provide invaluable dispute resolution services, helping parties determine the best methods for addressing their concerns and protecting their rights. We work to help the parties resolve disputes quickly, efficiently, and effectively, minimizing the time and expense needed to reach agreements while helping the parties avoid the costs and difficulties of litigation. Our primary mediator is an attorney licensed in Illinois, New York, and Texas and trained in mediation at Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation. Privacy & Technology Mediation Services can provide dispute resolution services to people and companies throughout the United States.

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Modern day problems and disputes require modern solutions and mediation

Since technology is always changing, keeping up with the latest developments in consumer data protection, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, intellectual property law, and other related issues can be difficult. To ensure that disputes related to technology, data privacy, and online security can be resolved effectively, it is important to work with a mediator who has an understanding of issues such as:

We offer mediation services tailored to the specific needs of each dispute. Our goal is to help parties find creative and effective solutions that will allow them to move forward successfully.

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